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Transforming Teams Since 2012


Dec 2021 – Current


Assion Consulting

Shaping the leaders of today for tomorrow. My company vision and mission is to help source or train the best agile leaders in the UK. Assion will deliver leadership consulting to companies who want to help shape their future in a way that’s innovative and cutting edge.It’s not just about being agile, but rather applying business agility in a way that catalysts companies towards becoming the best they can be and where the results speak for themselves.

May 2021 – Dec 2021

Senior Transformation Consultant


Working with multiple end clients designing and exploring better ways of working to support business change across different industries using Agile. My role involves examination of the current organisation practices and designing business strategies that empower people to work using agile in a way that delivers timely results and adds value for the company. For most organisations, we have been improving SCRUM and SAFe techniques and for others I have been a contributor towards large scale transformations and the breaking down of silos.

Dec 2020 – May 2021

Senior Transformation Consultant

Bank of England

To transform up to 12 teams to deliver agile consulting on two major projects helping to transform project delivery from waterfall to Agile. Introducing SAFe as an enterprise solution and coordinating the transformation initiative so that leaders could effectively lead their transformation delivery roadmap.

Dec 2020 – May 2021

Senior Transformation Consultant

Agile World® Associates

Working with a start-up company to re-invent company processes that has been broken for several years. Helping their clients understand and implement agile ways of working in a way that works and improves over time. I helped to prepare focus groups to gather feedback to reinvent an existing process using ideas from TEAL to inspire a different way of working. I also successfully hosted a ‘Leadership Track’ at the Agile Tour Conference for over 1500 experts and was invited by an elite London university to deliver agile workshops and talks for MBA students.

Mar 2018 – Mar 2019

Senior Transformation Consultant


To transform up to 10 teams by the end of 2019 by delivering agile consulting for two major household clients GSK & BP to transform project delivery from waterfall to SCRUM, Kanban or SAFe. During my time here, I hosted agile workshops introducing and embedding new ways of working, I trained executives on Emergn’s VFQ training modules that introduced better ways to shape large organisations and I helped delivery teams shape their work processes so that they could shift from monthly releases to delivering on demand.

Sept 2018 – Mar 2018

Cloud Transformation Consultant

Clarksons Plateu

Leading delivery teams towards a lean and DevOps environment using practices resulting in speed to market. I have successfully transformed four delivery teams to SCRUM and guided leaders toward managing change, helping them achieve success through leading the CI/CD cloud automation adoption, architecting the work, delivering on high customer value, guiding teams towards becoming self-serving, pragmatic and collaborative thinkers. Leaving behind a high-performing team who aligned to the vision and delivered on time every time.

Dec 2016 – Sept 2018

Agile Transformation Consultant

Agile World Associates

Preparing discovery sessions, workshops, steering groups and feedback loops with key stakeholders to help validate and reinvent an existing business process to inspire a different way of working. Introduced Agile tools and practices to non-agile experts leading to streamlined processes and an innovative solution for recruitment.

Dec 2016 – Sept 2018

Agile Transformation Consultant

Equal Experts

Working to identify and deliver the requirements for a new Business Intelligence solution as part of a major digital transformation project for Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO). My role involved heavy stakeholder discovery workshops that lead to the decision to implement an in-house BI solution to help analyse big data for passport control. As an Agile Coach, I introduced non-agile staff to Agile ways of working and set up a BI team using SCRUM as a methodology. Successfully hosted discovery sessions to outline how to identify and capture fraudulent passport applications early.

Dec 2015 – July 2016

Agile Transformation Consultant


Transforming a 300-year-old manual process for UK Magistrates courts for The Ministry of Justice. Shadowing the existing process across each department, hosting multiple discovery sessions to reveal a more innovative solution, introducing a new end to end delivery process online. Building a new agile team for scoping and delivering the project vision, engaging with various government stakeholders and driving the project delivery to fruition. By creating an online digital solution, we reduced costs, saved overuse of paper and reduced manual data re-entry.

Nov 2014 – Nov 2015

Agile Transformation Coach


To drive the delivery of the new CMS and website for Sainsbury’s loyalty card service, The vision was to re-launch on time and within budget on a scale worth 2.6 Million. I was the primary Agile Coach for the Web team. Responsible for supporting business analysts and the SCRUM Master for gathering core requirements, invoking product vision planning, realising budgets, performing impact analysis for business requests, planning sprints, communicating and distributing tasks to the team and introducing agile ways of working. I also maintained and reported on project risks, issues and mitigating actions to higher management groups. Successfully implemented SCRUM practices across mobile, web and data warehouse to align delivery outcomes.




Leading SAFe

This course introduced the principles and practices required to lead a SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) implementation within large enterprises who have complex, legacy environments.


VFQ Foundation

This course introduces a new way of thinking when it comes to implementing Agile as a methodology where Value, Flow and Quality supersedes Scope, Timelines and Budgets.


Certified Scrum Master

To support my position, I think it’s important to highlight that I understand the SCRUM framework.


Agile Foundation

This course is the first level of training in the Agile Project Management method, regardless of my first-hand experience, I think I can give companies more confidence in my delivery.


Agile Practitioner

This course is the second level of training in the Agile Project Management method.



MSc. Multimedia & Internet Computing

Loughborough University

Loughborough University taught me to model, analyse, critically evaluate, deploy and reflect on the design and build of multimedia and internet based systems.

Subjects covered and grades achieved:

  • Network Administration (A)
  • Multimedia and Interface Design (A)
  • Virtual Reality (A)
  • E-commerce (B)
  • Essential Java for the Internet (B)
  • Systems Design for the Internet (B)
  • Research Methodologies (B)</liz
  • Object Oriented Systems Development (C)
  • From Networks to the Internet (C).


BSc. Business and Information Technology

Coventry University

Businesses are faced with the challenges of global competition and technological change and this course introduced me to meeting these challenges by teaching me the fundamental elements of IT within business.

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